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mcare appoints new CEO to support rapidly accelerating Nordic growth!



To be able to continue the rocket-like expansion while maintaining our unique customer focus and quality, mcare group will prepare for an increased growth rate with a new management team. Shares Chairman Petri Kalliokoski.

Karin Ahl has been appointed as the new CEO. Karin was hired to the group late in 2018 and has been functioning as the Nordic Chief Commercial Officer. With a background within telecom and insurance, she will now lead the group into the next wave of expansion.

In addition, mcare group has appointed a Nordic management team that includes directors Matti Uronen COO, Piotr Placzko CTO, Mika Björksten CCO, and Niklas Tevajärvi CFO.


Founder and majority owner Joel Mansnerus:

In the past year, Karin has proven herself to be more than able to take the challenge to grow mcare to be the biggest and the highest quality repair service provider within the Nordics, while still holding the consumer champion position with an average of 92% satisfied customers. The circular economy and sustainable alternatives are becoming a critical part of every business offering. As the authorized OEM partner, we are therefore a natural partner and selection to handle the whole hardware lifecycle.


Our offer strongly reflects a passion for everything eco-friendly. We will create even more awareness about the benefits you gain by repairing your device authorized. In 2020, we will grow revenue with sustainable choices, and will maintain our high employee- and customer satisfaction. Our customers will gain benefits in having one Nordic partner with a unified offering, IT and procurement for all regions.

Says Karin Ahl, the new group CEO.

Core Service group, more known from the mcare brand, was founded by Joel Mansnerus in 2010 in Helsinki to better cater to customers with Apple devices. At the end of 2015, mcare was established in Sweden, which is now the largest market. mcare’s revenue grew 77% in 2018 and is estimated to be 22-23M€ for 2019. The most recent addition is Norway. mcare also serves a few clients in Denmark. mcare employs over 80 certified Apple experts and have a capacity exceeding quarter-million repairs on a yearly basis for the 19 Nordic locations.


For more information, please use the contact details below.

Group CEO

Karin Ahl


Chairman of the board

Petri Kalliokoski


Majority owner

Joel Mansnerus